Commercial Power Systems


Invest in Clean Energy for Economic Growth and Carbon Reduction.

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Design Energy is an Ohio-based company employing Ohio tradespeople and manufacturing to bring the benefits of solar generation to cities, towns, and villages of Ohio.

We are community power builders committed to providing quality solutions for energy security and resiliency to Ohio institutions, businesses and industry with individualized solar PV, solar thermal, and energy storage projects. We provide power and storage solutions for both large and small Ohio businesses.


Protect your company from undefined conventional energy costs and unstable supply. A Design Energy solar project will help you to avoid the unknowns of volatility in the traditional energy market, as well as reducing overhead by instantly decreasing energy expenditures .


municipal solar utility-scale ohio

Make a positive impact through investment in Clean Energy Innovation. Investing in solar for your business provides more than a modern, green image and safe, reliable energy: it puts the power in your hands.



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