Residential Solar Plus Storage

The time is NOW to install your renewable energy project and start saving!

residential solar columbus ohioIndustry experts confirm that the cost of solar power is now more economical than most other generation sources. As the technology advances, the price of components has been dropping. Not only that, but applying the Federal Investment Tax Credit can still lower the cost of your solar/storage project by 26% this year. From a financial perspective now is the time to install solar and save. We’ll help you do the math and find financing options that work for your budget.

Solar power is tried, tested, and true! Truly abundant and renewable energy! This is no gimmick. Running your home and business on clean renewable power from the sun will give you energy security and economic security while shrinking your carbon footprint; genuine prosperity!


We provide a free electrical and site evaluation to show you what’s possible. Design Energy’s engineers, licensed electricians and NABCEP certified installers are experienced in all facets of residential solar/storage applications. Our years of technical and construction experience combined with regulatory and financial expertise means we can find a solution that works for you. Contact us to get started today!


Six Steps to Solar Power:

  •  Energy Analysis: Give us your electric bill and we help you decide how much solar energy you can use
  •  Design: We send you a preliminary design including suggested components, layout and power production
  •  Site Evaluation: We meet with you onsite to determine your best solar/storage/microgrid options
  •  Engineering: Our Engineering Professionals optimize  system design to meet code and your requirements
  •  Construction: Our NABCEP Installers and Licensed  Electricians build your solar power system to spec
  •  Commissioning: Run your home and business on clean power from the sun!



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