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Our Energy Solutions Put the Power in Your Hands.

Design Energy works hard to keep the value of renewable energy & storage in your project and in your community. As an Ohio company we are committed to local jobs, local content and local investment to ensure that the stabilizing benefits of renewable energy generation and storage stay with you, our customers. We build energy resilience and financial security.

Design Energy offers Power Project Engineering, Management and Installation for Renewable Energy projects from 5kW-100MW.

The Design Energy ARE Team

Design Energy LLC is an Ohio licensed electrical contractor and Woman-Owned Company working in partnership with American Renewable Energy, (ARE), to provide renewable energy, energy storage and microgrid construction services to Ohio businesses, neighborhoods and municipalities. To date, the Design Energy team has designed and built over 30MW of distributed renewable energy generation and storage across the State. 

At Design Energy we are committed to implementing shared access to solar power as well as good jobs. Strong partnerships with Refuge Ministries, Franklinton Community Solar and other community leaders around the state have allowed us to extend the benefits of renewable energy beyond traditional participants, markets and investors, keeping the value of these projects within the communities we serve. Design Energy builds local renewable energy generation power plants that also drive local economic generation; delivering clean renewable power, energy resilience, financial security, local investment opportunity, education and employment.

ARE: American Renewable Energy LLC works in partnership with Design Energy to develop, finance, design and build distributed BTM renewable generation and storage for Ohio and Illinois municipalities and business. We understand that while every electric system has its own characteristics, there are several principles and objectives that all municipal systems share. 

All Public Power Systems and Municipal Facilities must have:


  • General energy and power cost control and risk management
  • Local energy and power security to maintain community stability in an emergency, such as life safety services, internet/communications, water


ARE delivers these benefits through Behind the Meter, grid-independent sources of energy and power: Solar, Battery Storage, High Efficiency Gas Generation and highly developed and secure Operations Control Systems. 

ARE was the first to bring large-scale power to an Ohio school district in 2011, without the aid of any state or private grants and rebates, and without the benefit of solar renewable energy credits. ARE was the first to bring battery storage to municipal power in Ohio in 2016. The ARE team has evolved over the years to include experts in Design, Finance, Construction and Operation of these technologies. Our system providers are well known in Public Power and include the finest equipment and installation companies in the world. 

Suzanne Csejtey, Power Project Integration

President and Co-founder of Design Energy, Suzanne Csejtey is a NABCEP-certified (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), Solar Installation Professional. She leads power project design and construction for both ARE and DE. Csejtey entered the renewable construction business in 2013 after working for 20 years in the Ohio building industry specializing in environmentally conscious design/construction, HVAC and energy systems. She spent her general construction career as a trade professional, site supervisor and construction project manager. In 2013 Csejtey and Design Energy Co-founder David Dwyer were awarded Green Energy Ohio’s Pioneer of the Year Award for their work creating a model neighborhood solar co-op, the Clintonville Energy Co-op.

As ARE Director of Energy Project Integration, Csejtey manages all facets of power project engineering and construction. In 2014-15, she directed the design and construction of the 4.3 MW solar installation in Minster, Ohio, which was at that time the largest Solar + Storage project for Public Power in the nation. ARE and Minster received national acclaim and various awards for the Minster Energy Project, including Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Utility of the Year Award and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), Innovation Award, both in 2016.

David Dwyer, Energy Project Architect

After 25 years in the construction industry as a Design/Builder, David Dwyer entered the renewable energy field in 2003, training in solar electric, solar thermal, and geothermal technologies. Dwyer was the AEE Chicago Energy Executive of the Year in 2009. Dwyer is a LEED AP, NABCEP certified PV Professional, Licensed Commercial General Contractor, Electrician and Electrical Contractor in Ohio and Chicago. He has completed Geothermal, CHP and Solar Thermal and Solar PV projects at utility, commercial and residential scale. 

As ARE President and Energy Project Architect since 2003, Dwyer leads multi-scale renewable energy projects for Ohio municipalities and school districts, with over 25 MW of installed capacity across the State. With Csejtey, Dwyer was instrumental in achieving the SEPA Utility of the Year award for the Minster project, and the nationally acclaimed IREC Innovation Award in 2016. 

David Dwyer: PV-091209-48

Suzanne Csejtey: PV-041616-012879



ASES (American Solar Energy Society)

GEO (Green Energy Ohio)

NCSP (National Community Solar Partnership)