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Village of Minster earns GEO Award

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The Village of Minster, a Design Energy client, is awarded the Ohio Clean Energy Community of the Year 2015.

The Village of Minster was awarded the Ohio Clean Energy Community of the Year 2015 from Green Energy Ohio (GEO).

Our combined project involves the construction of a 4.2 MW solar array combined with a 7 MW lithium ion battery storage facility.   The project developed by American Renewable Energy and owned by Half Moon Ventures allows the Village through a PPA, to take advantage of the benefits of solar power at a below market rate.  Minster will include the energy generated from the solar array into its electric portfolio and this behind the meter resources will allow the village to reduce the amount of energy purchased through the open market.  In addition, it will allow the village to use the solar array as a hedge against market volatility and provide us with a predictable electric rate.

The Village will utilize the energy storage system to help integrate the solar into the village’s electrical grid.  Improved power quality will also be obtained and in addition, the system will help the Village defer spending approximately $350,000.00 for the acquisition of reactive power compensation equipment.  Also, the energy storage system will help the village shave energy demand during peak periods. Finally, the solar and energy storage system, because it is behind the meter, will allow the village to reduce its transmission and capacity charges.

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