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March 14, 2018

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PV for Industry

The 184kW DC / 150kW AC Design Energy rail-less rooftop PV array provides nearly 30% of the power for this Ohio manufacturing plant, delivering nearly a megawatt-hour of solar generation directly to building loads today.  

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PV for AEP Microgrid

This 99kW Design Energy PV array supports critical City of Columbus water pumping station infrastructure as part of an AEP research microgrid. The solar array provides power to the pumps and also works with a 400kW battery system and microgrid controls to keep the pumps operating through extended grid outages. 

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Multi-Family Housing

Design Energy Solar for Affordable Housing This LEED project features a 24.3kW Design Energy solar array which delivers over 25 MWh/year behind the meter to building loads of this 40-unit affordable housing project and produces significant savings for residents.  A US Green Building Council summary describes how the investment in

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Franklinton Farms Solar Canopy

  This 7kW Design Energy solar PV canopy for Franklinton Farms and Franklinton Community Solar will power the Farmer Apprentice House, walk-in coolers, farm operations and EV utility vehicles. Design Energy worked with Franklinton Farms and The Refuge Ministries to build the  solar PV system. Designed by Architect Jack Hedge,

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Solar Barn Raising

  Design Energy co-founded and provides ongoing technical support to the Clintonville Energy Collaborative. CEC is a group of neighbors who’ve joined up to fight climate change and build a vibrant human-centered local economy. Using cooperative strategies of time banking and solar barn-raising we build solar projects together. Through this

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We’ve Moved!

Design Energy’s office is now located downtown at The Columbus Idea Foundry. We are very excited about our new location in the heart of Columbus! We are available by appointment at our new address: 421 W. State Street  Columbus OH 43215  

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